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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Vacation

I have been away for a few days with my four younger kids (well, they aren't really THAT young, they are teens) - visiting friends in Las Vegas. It was a nice time to get away and catch up with my best friend, Pam - after 20+ years apart!!! We also got a chance to get to know her older daughters a little better too. We did have a few minutes of crafting time together - too much talking kept us from doing any more! We also visited with another newer friend - Sue and her daughter. The kids got to shop and we found a few good deals, we also visted the M&M Store and the Coca-Cola store. On Wedensday, before we had to head back home, we got another couple of hours with Pam and her girls, so we went downtown to the Forum - a BIG indoor shopping mall. I knew the minute I walked in that Larry and I had been there before. This place is AMAZING!! The architecture in this place is worth going there just to see. The shops have outrageously priced items - but we did buy some chocolate - just because it was DIFFERENT!! When I get a little more time I will post some pictures of our trip - probably in a slide show, so watch for it early next week. Until then, I will be working and crafting - hoping to do more crafting than work!! :)

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