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Friday, April 24, 2009

Check out this Blog - Blog Candy too!!

I received another award from Audrey today. I will post that award as soon as I have done some blog surfing to find blogs to send that award too. I have just as hard a time finding blogs to send awards to as Audrey does!! But that is only because I am fairly new to blogging!!
Anyway, I wanted to share THIS blog as there is BLOG CANDY waiting to be won. Look at this picture of all the items that Debbie is giving away. One lucky winner will get all of these wonderful items!! The occasion? Her first blog anniversary! As for me? I would LOVE to have the copics. I haven't gotten any of these cool markers yet - they are a bit pricey - but take a look at what Debbie does with these? VERY NICE!!
I would love to learn how to use these and then teach others - now THAT would be cool!!

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