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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Business Venture

Looking at my last blog post - wow - it has been nearly a MONTH since I have posted! Well, I must say - alot has been going on - but the latest bit of news is that I have decided to join up with a new home-based business! Oh, I am still doing massage - and making cards - and scrapbooking - even applied for a guest design team position - creating this LO of my step-son and his girlfriend, but wasn't chosen :( - at least not THIS time around! So, still working my hands (and fingers) to the bone - but heard about this NEW company - checked out the product and decided it was a GOOD thing.
So, what is this company you ask? It is called REVVNRG. So WHAT is the product? It is an energy drink - Now wait - before you close your browser - let me tell you a little about what I know - it is NOT like Monster or Red Bull or any of the other energy drinks on the market! This product is made from ingredients found in the Brazilian Rainforest - so it is GOOD for you - honestly. Such ingredients as Acai berry, Yerba Mate, Cupuacu, Fucoxanthin, green tea, cha de bugre and B vitamins - check them out on your own - then visit my new retail store to order your box of RevvNRG, or better yet - consider joining my team.

Thanks for visitig the spa today - where I hope you have found renewed NRG!!