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Monday, June 29, 2009

Let's Start June all over!!

Well, not REALLY start June over - however, I AM catching up on the 365 card blog and FINALLY finished the FIRST challenge for June - Day 93. The challenge was to make a card with either the words 'call me' or a telephone image - both of which I DO NOT have in my stash of stamps. SO, I went into my Publisher program hoping to find an image of a phone - you know, the old fashioned kind - either the wall kind or the dial kind - remember those? Or even a cord board image - I worked on one of those way back when, and I am not really THAT old!! But, alas, the only images were of CELL phones!! WOW - the world has changed right under my nose!! Anyway, I didn't like any of the images, so I decided to use the words and created a word art.I actually like all the pinks on this card. I used a sketch from Splitcoast Stampers - Sketch number 233 - must go upload to that gallery too!! It is a busy card - but I think I like all the busy on this one.
Thanks for taking a peek.

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