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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All Through the Year!

I hear that there are places in our vast country where there really ARE four seasons - I lived in Washington State for a number of years and they sort of have four seasons (and not all of them rainy!!) - they just aren't all three months in duration! I love the changing seasons - I think I probably like Fall the best as the leaves begin to turn and the trees are beautiful in all their colorful glory. The air begins to get crisper and the days a little shorter. For Day 121 we were to create a card displaying the four seasons. This took a bit of thought and planning and I finally came up with my card using a variety of stamped images. Since most of my cards are sent out to the troops through Cards For Heroes, I had to think what sentiment (if any) I would use on a card of this sort, and then I came up with this sentiment, which I printed off my computer. I think it turned out quite cute and colorful.
I hope you like it too. Thanks for taking a look.

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Gloria Stengel said...

This is a great take on the challenge! I think we both should have made a card with just early summer.... hee hee. Or perhaps, we could do flowers (spring),fog (summer), wildfires (fall), and rain (winter).