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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Contests and Pictures and . . .

. . . what about cards? Yeah - well - if you know me - I tend to run in tangents. Off on this one for awhile until I get bored, then off in another direction - it makes life QUITE interesting around here!!
This week I started the 92 days of summer challenge on the YMBD site. I joined this site back in December, but haven't visited alot - but a few weeks ago, I got an email regarding this contest and I thought it would be fun to try - it would at least inspire me to take pictures of events and daily life throughout the summer and not leave the pictures to go brittle sitting in a box for years on end!! :) And so, I have begun - I took several pictures yesterday - including some 'texture' photos for creating some digital scrapbook paper.
I have tried working on changing the look of my blog - and just can't 'wrap my brain' around the code - but with a little help from my friends, I should be able to conquer it.
So, what have I been doing you ask? Well, besides taking pictures - I have been immersed in creating digital papers - playing with the colors in the color picker that comes in the default setting with photoshop, I chose this aqua color and then played a bit with brushes - creating a variation of a star brush. That was fun - but then I discovered how to take my own photographs and by layering them, turning them, flipping them, adding texture - etc, I could come up with some cool backgrounds. Even using the colors of candy kisses from Christmas time, I learned I could create my OWN color swatch and use those colors as my background - adding in my own pictures for texture and effect - really making it my own one of a kind backgrounds for digital. Of course, as if that wasn't enough I also learned that over-exposed pictures - especially of the beach can really make cool effects as BG paper when overlayed on hand-chosen colors.
And so, I have had fun learning how the digital scrapping works. I have quite a number of kits that I have bought or downloaded for free - but now I am venturing into a whole new world where I am learning to create my OWN elements for MY digital scrapping. One of my next projects will be to create some digital stuf for CAP(Civil Air Patrol) since the whole family is involved and there is nothing out there for CAP - an auxiliary of the US Air Force. So, all the emblems we put on our uniforms - and even the material used I can take pictures of and then use it for digital - what fun!!
So, go create - and then come back and tell me what you are doing - thanks for visiting the spa today -

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Sandy said...

Lovin' what you're doing with colors and textures! :)