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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Challenging Challenge!

The 365 Card Blog posted it's first challenge back in March. On Day 102 we were given a challenge to combine THREE challenges one from March, one from April and one from May on our card. Since there are still a few of those very first challenges that I have not completed, I decided to go back and look at those and combine some of those on my card. For March, I chose the challenge from Day 17 where we were to use three buttons and three bows on our card. Then for April I chose to use the challenge on Day 42 which was to create our own pattern on cardstock (instead of using patterned paper) and for May I chose to use the challenge from Day 84 which was a recipe: 3x3 card, 1 flower, 1 brad, 1 piece for ribbon and 1 sentiment - NO patterned paper. I mounted my 3x3 card onto the chocolate chip card, so on my card I have double the writing room! :) The inside of the 3x3 card is patterned - but it doesn't show on the outside!
Thanks for taking a peek at my latest creation.

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