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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What inspires you . . .

. . . to create? Is it a magazine that you pick up? An internet site? Perhaps it is a combination of many different sources. For me, I often find inspiration (and challenges) from the 365 card blog. On Day 131 we were given this ad for inspiration: There were so many elements to this ad, but the first thing that jumped out at me was all the white space. Then the stripes and polka dots and finally the 'dr. suess' - oh, just thinking of dr. suess can bring all KINDS of images!! Did you have a favorite dr. suess book growing up? Tell me about it in the comment section.
Now, onto my card that was inspired by this ad - You see lots of white space, and the polka dotted ribbon as well as the stripe ribbon. I also threw in that little rug - using my nesties dies and then CB'd the blue circle and attempted to use chalks - which didn't work real well!! I couldn't find a font that exactly matched the sentiment, but this one was close enough.
Thanks for stopping by today - I will have more projects posted as the day goes on as I am once again playing catch up with all the challenges.

1 comment:

Frugal Scrapper Extraordinaire said...

I love the inspiration for this card. I have to get over to the 365 cards blog and get my card making mojo going again:)