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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Silent Sorrow

Tuesday on the 365 card blog (Day 143) the challenge was to make a sympathy card without using any sentiment on the outside of the card. Thankfully I have not had to make too many sympathy cards, and I am not sure what image I would think of immediately if I had too. Oh, perhaps flowers, or butterflies - but I also think about how much I would miss the person that is gone. So, I actually made a card yesterday for this challenge, with a flower and I used my cb folder - but as I thought about the card, it didn't really convey the message - so I thought through the stamp sets I had, and this one of the lady in the boat really expresses sorrow to me. I know that if there was a death in my family, I would wandered down to the shore (I live only a few miles from the ocean) and walk or sit and just look out to the sea and let the ocean waves soothe my heart and let the seabreeze blow away the tears.
I hope your visit to the spa today brings happy remembrances of your loved ones that have gone before you.

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