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Sunday, July 26, 2009

No Mojo for the Sketch Challenge

I usually like sketches, as they help me get over the challenge of just sitting down to make a card - but Day 148's challenge was a bit more difficult for me. I had NO MOJO - and even when I did try to muster some up today, I either was disrupted by someone in the family - or I had to go into work. So, I am NOT pleased with my card, but I did the challenge anyway. I even looked at others who had completed the challenge, trying for some inspiration and nothing!! (Not to say those other cards weren't great - they were, it just didn't hit the magic mojo number!!)Some days you have it and some days you don't - today was one of the 'don't' days!
Thanks for stopping by - come back each day as there will be some great inspiration this week from the 365 card blog as they feature a different reader of the blog each day.

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Carolyn V said...

Paula, I can so relate! Some days it comes easy, and some days it's a struggle. Props to you for finishing though - and I do like the papers you've chosen! See ya 'round! ~ C