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Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Summer Contest

Are you all looking forward to the summer? With lazy days and warmer evenings - beach walks and bar-b-q's!! Ahh, doesn't that sound like the way to spend a day!! Well, in addition to that, how about spending time taking pictures and then scrapping those pictures? Especially if there is a chance to WIN a SLICE!!
Now, I don't have a slice, I have a cricut - but I have played (once) with the slice and it is a cool little portable machine and if you want the chance to win one, or other prizes, check out the YMBD site. They have a very cool contest that will start on June 1st. If you are lacking in creative mojo (which I think I am) then you might want to check it out for inspiration.

Have a great day. *~*Paula*~*

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