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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Do you like your Handwriting?

I like mine. I cannot begin to count the number of times people have complimented me on my handwriting. I am not trying to be full of pride here - just stating the facts! lol
Anyway, last night at TNT, one of our members - Karen - showed us how to make these ADORABLE flower pot cards. Well, I didn't get a chance to finish mine up during the meeting - so took some time this morning - before heading off to work - to finish it up. When it came to the sentiment - I started looking through my stamps and then remembered that the challenge for Day 74 on the 365 card blog was to use your own handwriting for the sentiment. I cannot say this is my BEST handwriting - it is rather sloppy if you ask me - but it fit the challenge. I decided to carry the challenge just a little further and handwrite the sentiment 'inside' the card.
It is interesting that this challenge came up, as I have been thinking of 'sayings' I wish you could find in a stamp - and have considered creating my own word art on the computer that I could use in my cards. Once upon a time, a long time ago, I had also considered using my own handwriting to create stamps and knew of a stamp maker that could have done that for me - but that was a LONG time ago in a different life! lolo

Thanks for taking a peek at my flowers and have a FABULOUS day!!


Fi said...

Great flower pot card and sentiment inside and out.

Anonymous said...

great card, and your writing is perfect, great job.

Rose said...

fantastic card!! and i agree you do have great handwriting :D

~amy~ said...

absolutely fabulous Paula!!!

Vicky said...

what a beautiful card! so springy! and your handwriting is beautiful :).

kristie sessions said...

this is great! And I think you should create your own word art. its easy to do and it means you will always have the perfect words! Great job with the challenge!