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Friday, May 8, 2009

How about some M&M's??

Remember when M&M's were only certain colors? Like, red, yellow, brown, green, orange and tan? Ok, so I am 'dating' myself - but honestly! I even remember a time when RED M&M's were no longer allowed because of the scare with the red food coloring. Hmm, they are back - and all of us that ate them are still alive and kicking!! Do you remember Violet? I don't remember that one, but my MOM might!! So, WHY am I talking about M&M's?? Well on Day 68 our challenge was to THINK CANDY! Hmm, I don't have too many images of candy, but I DO have this little 'm', and on a recent trip to the M&M store in Las Vegas, we got this picture of the outside of the store - so I put it all together in a card for the challenge.

Now the BLUE 'm' that you see on the sentiment - well - blue came at a later date - it replaced the tan ones - which had originally replaced the violet ones!! And now - there are so many colors to choose from!!
Enjoy your m&m's!! ~Paula~

1 comment:

~amy~ said...

super fun and I absolutely agree with the sentiment!