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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Don't Drink Coffee!!

I really don't! I drink TEA instead - however, on Day 75 of the 365 card blog, the challenge was to create a card with coffee! WELL, this was certainly a challenge for me because I don't have any coffee sentiments or stamps - since I just don't drink coffee. I have PLENTY of tea stamps and sentiments - but not coffee. However, when my frugal friend Lori came to 'play' yesterday - she encouraged me in a MOST frugal way. We took the off cut from the top note and we split it and each created a card with it. I used my piece to create a window with 'lace' curtains half way pulled up. I then took another piece of the edge punched cardstock and made a 'table' adding 'legs'. I had these cups that someone had stamped for me years ago - and they looked a little closer to coffee cups than my other stamps, so I used them for the cups. Now, inside I stamped the sentiment: 'Let's Do Lunch'. The card is on an angle, so that is why it looks like everything is sliding - I may take a picture, or scan it again on my computer, but for now - this is what I have to show you.



~amy~ said...

cute card...well, I drink enough coffee for the both of us :)

Deanna Cosgrove said...

How clever to use that border punch for the window curtains and the tablecloth. Simply adorable---well done!!!...........deanna

Frugal Scrapper Extraordinaire said...


Your card ended up looking so adorable! Great job:)

BTW, I had a cup of tea today and thought to myself...hmmmm...I may just have to become a tea drinker, was REALLY good!

Diane McVey said...

I am another NO COFFEE person!!! YAY for US! I drink hot tea, cold tea, ANY kind of good tea! So, Happy Memorial Day weekend, and have some icy tea and enjoy your holiday! :D

Sue McGettigan said...

He he, I'm a tea drinker too :) Love this card, very cute and such a great idea to make the curtains and the table that way - bravo!