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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Green is NOT my choice of color!!

I like green - it is just not the FIRST color I grab when I make a card. I will choose WHITE before I would choose green - at least for the base of my card. Well, in looking through my bag of scraps, I had this green card, all folded and ready to be created upon. I looked further in my bag of scraps and found the SU designer paper and a scrap of white CS that had been pushed through the CB using the 'dotted Swiss' folder. Since I hadn't posted anything yet for Day 77 which was to incorporate note paper somewhere on our card I decided that I would add this little 'note' to the card along with fibers and ribbon that have been stashed away for who knows HOW long. This card is probably a bit to simple for me - as I like something a bit more elaborate - but sometimes a quick, simple card fits the occasion.

Enjoy the sunshine wherever you go today. *~*Paula*~*


Rose said...

well for not being your fav color you sure did a fantastic job with it!! :D

~amy~ said...

I love the color green :) You've done a fab job with it!