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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sharing at the TNT meeting

Last night we had a wonderful meeting at TNT over at Ever After. I had a few things to share - the first was my take on the sketch challenge. I decided that I am bored with the pictures that I have!! However, I do have wallet size pictures of our trip to Las Vegas during Spring break so decided to use these on a mini scrapbook page. This page is only a 6 x 6 LO. When I first showed it to my oldest daughter (the one on the left) she said 'you put my picture on a CARD!!" I laughed and told her it was a mini scrapbook page. Then she quickly showed it to a friend that she was talking to through skype!! Teens are so funny sometimes! Anyway, the sketch was from the inspired blueprints blog - however, I searched for the link I had and it doesn't work. Hmmm.

My next contribution to the monthly meeting was a MINIBOOK!! YES, I FINALLY DID IT - I made a minibook. The kit we received last month had some paper I wasn't all that crazy about, however, it had houses all over it and I had been thinking about journaling about the places I have lived - BELIEVE me - there are ALOT - and I am not even military!! Well, I had found this accordion house chipboard book at the EA garage sale a few weeks ago and knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do with it. I quickly realized that there were not enough pages to tell my entire moving journey, so I decided to journal just the places I have lived with Larry. (We will celebrate 5 years together next month) Even though we have only been together 5 years, we have still managed to move more than enough times!! This is the cover of my book. The sentiment is from Unity stamps and it says "HOME is where your STORY begins" When I saw this stamp, I knew it would be perfect for the book - which was already floating around in my brain!!
On this page, I used a white flower and then colored it with multiple alcohol inks. The pink flower is untouched. This page talks about the condo Larry and I first had together - it is a simple page.
This last page is one of the taller pieces in the book - which goes along quite well with the house it describes - which was a 2-story house that we loved. In our kits, we received a sheet of vinyl embellishments and we were to use these in some way. I decided to distress one of the scrolls and use it as smoke coming out of the chimney.
This was a fun book to put together, not just because it was my first one - but because of the memories I was writing about as I remembered each of these houses.

Perhaps today you will take some time to remember a bit of your past and journal it. Thanks for visiting in the Spa today - I hope you have had a relaxing visit. ~Paula~

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Frugal Scrapper Extraordinaire said...


You did a great job with your projects at TNT! Do you mind if I use some of the pic's on the TNT blog?

Also, I have that mini book for you from the class I taught where you graciously let me use some of your photos:)