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Friday, September 10, 2010

Trick or Treat!!

For those of you that really know me - you know I DON'T do Halloween. There is just something about the 'holiday' that I don't like. Oh, yeah - the little kids dressed up are adorable, but do we REALLY need to beg for candy every October 31st?? Anyway, thank you for allowing me that little 'soapbox' - now in spite of the fact that I don't like Halloween - I still managed to create this card with a Magnolia image that was sent to me. Now, I must say, for not liking the holiday - it was difficult to create this card - but I chose all the colors I DON'T like (or seldom use) - and you know what, it didn't turn out too bad! :) I like fall - as you read in an earlier post - however, I don't care for orange - it is just not the color that I grab whenever I want to make a card - so what's up with all the ORANGE this week??? Fall must be in the air!! I used the sketch for the Just Magnolia sketch this week. Check it out - they have a great prize awaiting you - but you have to participate.

Thanks for allowing me to reveal a part of me you might not have known - and for stopping by the spa today - I will have Christmas coming up next - so come back later for a peek at THAT card!!



Paula said...

At last somebody else who doesn't Halloween. The only way I can handle it is to look at the All Souls Night aspect........
getting there slowly.....
Paula (PEP)

Jean said...

Well Paula, in spite of you not liking Halloween you did a great job on this card.. love your coloring of Tilda.. does look great... and your layout is really amazing!! So take a little bow for your card, you done good!!
Hugs, Jean

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Jean Paula, your card is great. Love the tag behind witchy Tilda......great job and TFS