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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What a 'Story'!!

So, today I had many things to do - so I knew I would probably not get a chance to create - but I had on my agenda to pick up some things that would make creating more fun. So, around 11:00 this morning I headed out. I went by work first to drop off something for my co-worker - then headed over to Poway. I first stopped at a scrapbook store (not even worth mentioning as I do not like the store) - but they had college papers from my alma mater - the only store in the area to carry anything, so I made myself go. Well, there was a Joann Fabric right next door - so I decided to pop in there and see if they had a Cricut cartridge I was looking for - especially since they had them at $38 - not a bad price. Well, they didn't - so then over to Michael's thinking that if they had them, perhaps they would do a price match - no luck finding the one I wanted there. Then over to Walmart, they didn't have the one I wanted at that store either - they DO price matching, so off to Stamping Details. I just LOVE that store. The displays are so well put together and atop each one there is usually a display board advertising an upcoming class that you just HAVE to take - you know the kind!! Well, I didn't sign up for any classes - yet - mainly because I was only there to pick up the items I had ordered that had finally come in. The 'Love Language' CB set and a fiskars border punch - very cool - when I get something done with these two items, I will be sure and post a picture - but not today! When I was done at the stamp store, I decided to keep looking for the ever evasive cartridge - oh, did I tell you the name? STORYBOOK!! Well, by this time, I was on my way home, so I decided to go by the Joann's Fabric in Escondido - they didn't even carry ANY cartridges, then to the Walmart in San Marcos - are you beginning to see a pattern here? Joann's, Walmart, Joann's, Walmart!! Throw in a Michael's - you get the picture. So, 3 hours later, 3 Joann's, 3 Walmart's and a Michael's and I had my cartridge - in fact, I found it at the last Walmart I went to - NOT on my way home - I had to go a little beyond that AND, it was THE LAST ONE!! So, back home and playing with the cartridge and it is doing exactly what I had hoped! YEAH!! So, now to find some time to actually MAKE something with these die cuts - that will be Thursday!! So, check back and see what I come up with. Until then - enjoy a relaxing cup of your favorite hot beverage!

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