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Friday, February 13, 2009

Tweaking the Page

Tweaking the page - an interesting title, yeah? Well, isn't that what we do - we start with a clean slate, a blank sheet of cardstock, an empty canvas and we begin adding to it. We build with the elements we have - those coveted, once forgotten elements that somehow get stored away for 'just the right moment' - which more often than not seems to never happen. Yesterday I launched my new blog, it isn't the first time and it isn't the only blog I have, however, my plans for this one are to build it - to add elements as time goes on. So, with the help of my friends, I added to my blog yesterday - starting with the stark white template and changing it to a nice relaxing 'spa' atmosphere. I took the title and massaged it into what I wanted that would make ME want to come here and stay awhile, and invite my friends to come back and often! It is a work in progress, but hopefully the 'dust of construction' won't keep anyone away for too long.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day - do you celebrate? How do you celebrate? Check back tomorrow to see how I have celebrated this 'lover's holiday'.

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