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Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's a Numbers Game!!

Have you counted your stamps lately? Perhaps you are a newby and only have a handful, or perhaps you have been doing this for A LOT of years and have NO clue how many stamps you own, you just know they are taking over every nook in your home! I feel that way, so I set about to do inventory. I finished up this morning - and unless I have a few hiding that I am not aware of, the grand total is MUCH less than I expected! Here are my totals - 2097 individual stamps. This includes clear mount, wood mount and everything in between - PLUS add 10 more for the wheels that I have. Now, out of those numbers I own 97 Stampin' Up! sets! A good portion of the non-SU stamps are Sweet Stamps and I thought there was around 2000 in those alone, but obviously, I was wrong. I do know that some of my Sweet Stamps are missing, but not that many. Now, this number does NOT include any digital images that I have purchased or gotten as freebies - I won't even attempt to count those at this point in time because they are not all in one folder - another thing I have to organize. So, there you have it.
So, why are numbers so important to me today? Well, because as of today I have had 10,000 hits to my blog!!! That is AMAZING! And is cause for a celebration - so while I go off to start my new job, I will be thinking along the lines of some blog candy - FROM MY INCREDIBLE stash, of course!! In the meantime, tell your friends - and come back in the next few days to see what my candy will be - I am SURE it will be good.



Lorraine said...

oh wow you do have alot of stamps huni amd a massive congrats on so many hits this is awesome xx

Paula said...

Well done on the number of hits - impressive number of Stampin' Up sets & I'd never heard of Sweet Stamps. What an amazing collection.
Paula (PEP)

Gloria Stengel said...

I do not have time to count mine, but maybe I can have Jonah do it as a math project? I've been stamping since 1990 so I know I have a lot of stamps! And I don't often get rid of any...

I know I owe you an email. I'll get to it soon, honest!!! Hugs.

Debs said...

Congratulations on all your hits. I have no idea how many stamps I have but it is nowhere near as many as you. I have 2 little drawers full and am ashamed to say some have never been used, I must remedy that!! Debs xx