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Sunday, August 16, 2009

'Gift' Card - Catching up

I am once again catching up on the 365 card blog - with just a couple hours to go to the extended deadline!! Thank You PAM!! On Day 167 we were to create a card that looks like a gift. Well, since my middle daughter just had her birthday - while she was gone to an encampment - I decided to make a card for her - now whether I give it to her or not is a different story! :) Sometimes when I wrap gifts, I like to make the ribbon go around opposite corners. So I did this on my card. I usually then place the flower (bows) on top of one end, but here I decided to do the flowers separate. I actually CUT one of my primas (the green ones) to make leaves - an idea I got from my friend Gloria. I even cut the petal that is layered underneath the top flower - could use that somewhere I am sure! I then used one of my cb die cuts for the tag which has a little flower cut out in one corner - I used that to tie the tag onto my 'gift' card. I tore the one edge to give the idea of tearing open a gift! :) Oh, and the button must have fallen off another card, so I decided to use it - however, I wanted to use the backside, and that side still had a glue dot on it - so I sprinkled on some glitter! Hope you like it!!
Thanks for stopping by the spa today - have a wonderful day!

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