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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My NEW Craft room

As you may have read, my oldest daughter moved out a couple of weeks ago, so about a week after she was gone, I started moving my crafting stuff into her room. She had a queen sized bed in there, so to make more room for my stuff, (and to also leave it open for over night guests) we moved the queen into my middle daughters room and moved her twin bed into the craft room. also makes a nice resting place in case I get tired crafting. :) So, I am going to take you on a tour of the room - it isn't large - maybe 10 x 12 (I honestly don't know as I didn't measure).
So, here we go - are you ready for the tour?When you first walk into the room - this is what you see. I plan to get a bed cover that will match the room - once I have decided what color I want to paint it. Right now it is an ugly tan color - NO inspiration in TAN!! You will also notice as we 'walk' around the room that there is nothing on the walls. I haven't finished the decorating of the room - so in the future I will show you what I do - but thinking that some Stampin' Up! Definetly decorative elements might just work - they have some new ones in the new catalog that comes out in July, so I may just have to finish off the room with a few of those - something like CREATE! Or IMAGINE! Or who knows. Anyway, moving along - to the left of the bed (looking at it) you will see my shelf unit with doors. I got this at Wal-Mart and it is actually three two-cube units stacked and bolted together. I have another door to put on the one cube, but then I would have to find another place for the box that is sticking out. This unit holds (and hides) alot of items - many of which I need to go through and parse out. I have WAY too much stuff!! On top of the unit is a basket that holds all my retired stamp pads from Stampin' Up! I also have my 'spray booth' which is an item I picked up at a local craft store. Next to the unit I have one of two oak bookshelves. On this one I have my cricut cartridges, the current Stampin' Up! stamp sets (top shelf only) and then retired sets. On the bottom shelf are old idea books, and other idea notebooks that I have filled with ideas from off the internet from years back. Next to the bookshelf I have cubes that I bought from Michael's. There is no rhyme or reason as to the way I stacked them. These were the first things to go into the room and when I decided where I wanted to put them and how I wanted them placed, I just started stacking. The trays in the cubes on the bottom and the one on top are FILLED with wood mount stamps. these are double stacked in there too!! The drawers hold CD's I plan to make into books, my cuttlebug folders, and other miscellaneous stuff. I really need to get another cube or two to hold more of my DSP. So, here is a wide view of the whole side of the room. This picture actually makes the room look really small - but if you count the inches in those cubes - my estimation is probably not far off. Now, I wanted to give you a closer look at my stamp pad holder. This is a nice holder - although it is not the original one that I saw many years ago, but it is close enough and it works nicely for me., So, moving around the room we pass the large window. This window gets the morning sun, so it makes the room bright all day. The view is not the most exciting as I look out on the neighbors house and can see into their backyard where the children play in the above ground pool, and jump on the trampoline! I could have chosen my middle daughters room (much smaller) and looked out on the back of our property which is filled with trees and the sound of birds singing is everywhere. BUT, I gave up the view for a larger room. :) So now that takes us to the wall opposite where we have just been. Starting in the corner, you will see a cd/dvd tower (I purchased this at IKEA). I have more of my Stampin' Up stamps stacked on this. I also have my Big Shot dies and Stampin' Up embossing folders. Next to the tower I have another two-cube unit from Walmart. I have my prisma color pencils in a case on one of the shelves along with my pad cleaner and scor-pal. In the drawer I have my smooch and spritz as well as the new fabrics that Stampin' Up came out with last year. I still haven't decided what I want to do with those fabrics. Next to the unit is my sewing cabinet. I still have to organize my sewing stuff, most of which is still downstairs. I will show you what is behind that door in a little bit, but walking further over, you will see the other oak bookshelf. On this book shelf I have the books from my favorite author (Fern Michaels), scrapbooks from Creative Memories - still waiting to be finished from YEARS ago!! And on the bottom shelf I have most of my sewing books and more idea books from Stampin' Up! Now, you can see we have made it all the way around the room, but I did tell you I would show you what is behind the door. It is a nice walk-in closet. Right now I just have more papercraft items in there wiating for me to sort through them all. I also have some sewing items in there waiting to be put into the cabinet. I also have a file cabinet in there that I put all my 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock in. You can see on the floor another box - this has sewing threads and the racks are sitting on top of the box. those will be nailed to the wall above the sewing cabinet when we get some time to do that. I have to decide if I want them all in a straight line (not very pleasing to the eye) or if I want a couple about the sewing cabinet and a couple somewhere else in the room - maybe above the shelf by the door. You can also see my bind-it all box (it is in the box) as well as my cricut (in the box) sitting on the floor in the closet too. There is ample room for my sewing items - once I bring them upstairs - later this summer perhaps. As you can see, my room lacks one very important item - A table on which to craft. I could use my sewing cabinet for now - as the door swings open and there is plenty of room for my knees, however, the top is not very big and I like to really stretch out and leave things set up - and if I wanted to sew - well, you can see the problem with that. So, I looked at tables today at Wal-Mart and may have to pick up one there - in a couple of weeks when the money isn't quite so tight.

Well, that is all - I hope you have enjoyed taking a tour of my new crafting space. I am anxious to get in there and really create. Stop by soon so you can see what happens when space and creation meet! :)



Debs said...

Thanks for showing us your craft room Paula, I love having a nose around other crafter's spaces. Looks like you have lots of room left to spread out lol. I know if I had this much space it wouldn't look this tidy for long. Take care Debs xx

Anonymous said...

AWESOME WHEN CAN I come and play! see there is a bed just for me! GRIN! :0)

Paula said...

It will be brilliant when you get that table in there - there's so much space & I love the view out of the door across the landing (?). Thanks for a peek at your amazing organization. Love that inkpad unit.
Hope all is well with you.
Paula (PEP)

Gloria Stengel said...

YAY! So happy for you to have your own space. We just moved Nathan into Jonah's room - the tiny room, and Jonah moved into Nathan's room with the BIG closet and the space for Lego world. Since Nathan will be leaving us in a year... Now, if Laura would go to boarding school I can have her BIG room for craft world. hee hee