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Sunday, June 20, 2010

More Sugar Nellie Challenges

I have been coloring with my new prismacolor pencils as much as time allows and I have to say that I REALLY like this coloring medium. They are really quite easy to use. It reminds me of the long summer days of coloring in coloring books when I was a kid. I have found the Sugar Nellie images to be some of the best to color - and another challenge was posted recently. The challenge was to NOT use embellishments on the card. I don't know about you - but sometimes that can be difficult for me. I want to fill that 'white' space with flowers or ribbons or buttons or - whatever because if not the card just looks too plain! Sometimes it makes the card look too 'newby' too - you know what I mean? Like someone that is just starting out stamping and they aren't quite sure what to do, and they only have one stamp - so they stamp it, color it and the card is done! Nothing wrong with that - we have all been there!! Then you start looking at pictures in magazines and galleries of other cardmakers online - and you begin to realize just how plain your card is and that there is a HUGE learning curve. I am STILL at that place. I see cards every time I go about looking that I want to copy - cards with tons of embellishments or they are placed just right - or they have the latest greatest of stamping paraphenalia! So, when I saw this challenge - I thought - they have ME in mind!! And even without out the embellishments - I still wanted to fill the white space - so I used my CB - this was allowed, on one and used bg stamps on another. So, put away all those embellishments and try to do just ONE card without embellishments. You might find that it FREES you!! Of course, I wouldn't be going and getting rid of all those wonderful embellies just yet!

Thanks for stopping by - do have a glorious day - and remember - you can always come back here for a bit of rest and relaxation.



Danielle Daws said...

They're both gorgeous! I have the opposite problem - I like my cards super plain and find it hard to add embellishments!!

Paula said...

Love seeing your experiments - I can see you love the pencils - all the best with this one & well done with the non bling bit.
Paula (PEP)

Paula said...

Have just re-read my comment - I meant experiments in a complimentary way - oh this wretched English language!