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Monday, October 31, 2011

What are the Trick or Treaters Getting at My House Tonight?

Today it is Halloween - a 'holiday' that I don't get much into in! However, living in a HUGE housing development, there are MANY MANY children that are bound to end up on my doorstep tonight. (I have heard the whole town shows up!!) Since this is our FIRST Halloween in our new home, we will see how it goes. I remember last year at this time, we were awaiting my husband and friend to come rescue us from Gallup, New Mexico when my oldest daughters car broke down. Some of my readers will remember that as they followed us along the trip. ~Smile~
So, back to tonight. I went out and bought LOTS of candy - I wasn't sure if the two filled bowls would be enough, so went out again this afternoon and got some more - I will wait to open the big bag until I need it, right? Who knows - if I don't use it, it could end up in Christmas stockings!! Now, I have another treat for the MOMS!! Want to see what the first 50 or so MOMS will get when they come to my door? I made these little treat bags using the 'It's a Wrap' set from the Holiday Mini to wrap the Hershey nuggets. I put them in the cello bag and added the tag. On the back is my business card adverstising my Stampin' Up! Business. There are about 20 of these little bags. Then I made these adorable little bags. I got the idea for the bag from another Stampin' Up! Demo - Monika Davis ( Monika shared this idea at the Regional event I went to earlier this month and I just HAD to make these little bags and what better way to share what I love to do with card making than putting a little candy bar in the bag with my business card. I have about 30 of these - and could have done many more - but just ran out of time with all the things going on these past couple of weeks.
I have made more of the mug covers - except the ones I made are for an event happening next weekend in California. I sent them off to the coordinator of that event. I have watched more crafting videos and have more ideas swarming my head than I have time to think about. I have ONE client tonight at 5:00 - so will have to run out and do that treatment and then get back here to help pass out candy to the little goblins and princesses that show up at the door.
For all of you in the US that will be out on the streets tonight - be safe.


Paula (PEP) said...

Definitely inventive.
Bit snowed under at moment with head misbehaving too but I shall reply to your email in due course. I do remember last year & that trip - remember keeping tabs on you with the map too. Glad you're safe this time.
Paula (PEP)

Margaret said...

What a great way to promote your business while getting in the spirit(pardon the pun!) of the season!!