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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A New Contest

The last couple of weeks have been busy - catching up on the Layouts for the 92 days of summer - AND completing ALL 13 layouts!! That was certainly a contest that challenged me every week. The last layout is one of my favorites. I used the newest Scrappers Guide Premier kit for my layout - utlizing one of the quick album layouts. Annie and Sam (along with his girlfriend) came down for a visit. It was a wonderful BUSY time spent with them going all over San Diego and revisiting places I had been too many times during my college years at SDSU. I had to work a couple of the days they were here, but Larry was off, so he took them up to Hollywood one of those days.
Now I am on to the next challenge from the YMBD girls - and it is something that I LOVE to do - MAKE CARDS!! Not only that - it is a Christmas Card challenge too - so the whole month of September there is a challenge everyday - yeah I know - I am 8 days late on this one - and haven't even begun any of the challenges - but those Christmas cards that you always say you are going to make to send - and then never do - well, now is your chance to make a go of it. AND, if you don't need/use that many - why not send them to CFH - as our troops will certainly use them!!
I am going to catch up on the challenges - they are simple ones - and then post them later on -
Thanks for stopping by just to check on me and see if I am still alive and kicking - I am!!
Enjoy your day and come back soon to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the spa.

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Frugal Scrapper Extraordinaire said...


What a great layout! I'm sure you heard about YMBD...I was totally bummed...but then I saw an e-mail about a new site...sounds like they are going digital...right up your alley!